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Request A Birthday Party

Note:  A deposit of 10% of the estimated price must be received before the birthday party reservation can be finalized. If reserving the Party Room, then please add a $50 cleaning deposit.

Birthday Package:

 - Base package for 15 and 30 guest parties
 - Birthday party lasts 90 minutes 
 - Party Coordinator (tips are appreciated)
 - Use of covered breezeway with tables and seating, or rent private Party Room
 - Happy Birthday message on Brights Zoo digital sign

 - Mascot visit to birthday party
 - Unlimited ice
 - For guests who rent the Party Room, see Brights Zoo movie list for choice of movie on the big screen

Birthday Party Add-On Options: (Additional fees apply)
 - Child's Box Lunch
 - 12" Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni)
 - Animal Feedings
 - Zoofari Ride (up to 35 guests)
 - Party themed gift bags for children
 - Themed cake, ice cream, plates & napkins

 - Reserve Breezeway or private Party Room for additional time

Party Rules:
1. Prepayment of 10% of the total estimated package when booking.
2. If renting the Party Room, then an additional $50 cleaning deposit must be included.
3. You are welcome to bring additional food and beverages, but they must remain in party area.
4. If gift bags contain bubble bottles, then please do not blow bubbles on zoo grounds.
5. Brights Zoo is not responsible for injuries while on zoo grounds.
6. You can bring a professional photographer with you, but each photographer must be counted as part of your total party attendance.
7. Prohibited items: drinking straws, chewing gum, and glass containers of any kind (flower vases, punch bowls, etc.).
8. Shoes must be worn at all times.
9. Birthday Party must be canceled at least 24 hour prior to party date for the deposit to be returned.

Birthday Registration Form

For each box lunch, choose 1 entree, 1 side, and 1 beverage. Box lunches must be ordered 72 hours in advance of the birthday celebration.
Party Preparation:
If renting the party room, you can choose a movie from our movie list.
From time to time Brights Zoo uses photos from birthday parties on their web site and social media.
Please enter your full name below to agree to the terms above:
A copy of this form will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive it please call 423-257-1927 to confirm we have received a copy.
You can upload a picture of your child for us to put the picture on the sign. There is not additional cost for this. Accepted formats are png, jpg, and jpeg. A head shot works best on the sign.

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