[Anthropoides virgo]
  Habitat: Savannas, steppes, and semi-deserts
  Height: 3'
  Weight: 4-7 lbs
  Incubation Period: 27-29 Days
  Number of Young: 2
  Conservation Status: Least Concern




- The Demoiselle Crane was so named by Queen Marie Antoinette, for its delicate and maiden-like appearance.
- During their migratory flight south, they reach altitudes of 16,000-26,000 feet.
- Are one of two species of cranes that do not have patches of bare, red skin on their heads.
- Chicks fledge (first flight) at 55-65 days, which is the shortest of any crane species.
- Will often fake a wing injury to lead predators away from their nest.
- Smallest of all crane species.

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