[Mustela nigripes]

  Habitat: Grass prairies and rolling hills
  Average Length: 15-24”
  Average Weight: 23-40 oz
  Average Lifespan: 12 years
  Gestation Period: 35-45 days
  Number of Young: 1-6
  Conservation Status: Endangered

  Ferret Map

- Only ferret native to North America
- Active mostly at night, with peak hours around dusk
- Subterranean animals that utilize prairie dog burrows for travel and shelter
- Feed primarily on prairie dogs, but also eat mice, ground squirrels, and other small animals
- Vocal animals that chatter and hiss when frightened
- Rely on olfactory communication (urination, defecation) to maintain their dominance hierarchies and to aid in retracing tracks during night travel



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