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Adult Volunteer Program Application

The staff at Brights Zoo strives to encourage a positive experience for all volunteers.

Thank you for inquiring about our Volunteer program. Program requirements and additional information about becoming a volunteer are included. Please fill out this form completely and return to Brights Zoo.

Brights Zoo is a Drug-Free Workplace.

Notice to Applicants:

    Brights Zoo has specific requirements for employees and volunteers. Please review all requirements before submitting an application:


  • Adult volunteers must be 18 years or older.
  • No visible tattoos (any visible tattoo must be covered)
  • No facial piercings
  • No smoking on zoo grounds
  • Must be dependable
  • Must be able to get along well with others
  • Must be willing to interact with Zoo guests
  • Must be self motivated
  • Must be able to work in inclement weather.

To be considered as an adult volunteer, you must be available for a minimum of one four-hour shift per week and commit to being a volunteer for at least six months.

The minimum age for volunteering for the Brights Zoo Adult Volunteer Program is 18.
Can you commit to volunteering for a minimum of six months?
This Waiver Agreement, made and entered by and between Brights Zoo, 3425 HWY - 11E, Limstone, TN 37681, herein referred to as 'Brights Zoo', AND yourself
The parties to this Agreement do hereby mutually recognize that Brights Zoo does not provide Workman's Compensation or any other type of liability insurance to persons who are not paid employees of Brights Zoo. Accordingly, persons such as Volunteers are not covered by Brights Zoo for such forms of insurance. As a volunteer in an Animal Care service area, you may at some point need to ride in a John Deere Gator (similar to a golf cart). You must comply with the following rules at all times when in a moving vehicle:
1. Absolutely no horseplay.
2. Arms and legs must be kept inside the vehicle at all times.
3. As a passenger, you must sit in the bucket seat at all times – never in the back of the vehicle.
4. Only paid zoo staff members may operate the vehicle.
Through this permission form, I agree that I will abide by the rules listed above. I understand that any divergence from the above rules will result in immediate dismissal from the program. Through this waiver agreement, the Volunteer does hereby knowingly release and hold harmless Brights Zoo from any injury, accident, or damage sustained by the Volunteer while serving in such a capacity. I authorize Brights Zoo to use my name and photograph for education, public relations and marketing purposes related to Brights Zoo.
I authorize Brights Zoo to obtain criminal history about me from my previous employers, schools, and governmental authorities.
I authorize my previous employers, schools that I have attended, and governmental authorities to disclose to Brights Zoo such information about me as Brights Zoo may request.
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Note: Please do not use Google Maps as your GPS service for directions to Brights Zoo. Google Maps has our location wrong. We recommend using WAZE - click Android,  iPhone, or Windows for the app. 

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