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Adopt an Animal

Feeding and caring for some of nature’s most precious and endangered species is our passion; it’s what we do. But it is also expensive. Here is your chance to help support the zoo’s collection by adopting your favorite animal. Bright’s Zoo does not receive any local or federal support so your help is very important to us. Our annual feed bill averages approximately $170,000 per year. The winter heating bill runs around $70,000 per year. Get Associate Zookeeper access and check on to the status of your chosen animal via the web and attend special events just for Associate Zookeepers.

Here is how it works.
·     Choose the animal you want to adopt. You will help care for the animal through your financial contribution. (This is not tax deductible)
·     Receive yearly passes for general admission.
·     Get special behind the scenes privileges to the animal during your adoption visit.
·     Receive email updates on your animal’s progress, health checks, birth events, etc.
·     Enjoy access to special events for Animal Adoption Program participants.

There are four tiers of "Adopt an Animal". In consideration of your non-tax deductible gift you will receive;

Bronze - $500 – A couple membership, 1 guided tour for 2, picture of animal adopted and certificate.
Silver - $750 - A family membership, 1 guided tour for 4, picture of animal adopted and certificate.
Gold - $1000 - A family membership, 1 guided tour for 4, 4 Bright's Zoo t-shirts, picture of animal adopted and certificate.
Platinum - $1500 - A family membership, 1 guided tour for 4, 4 Bright's Zoo t-shirts, Bright’s Zoo travel mug, picture of animal adopted and certificate.

Participation in this program is limited. Availability is at the Zoo Director's discretion and the program is subject to discontinuation for new participants. For the safety of the animals and visitors, access to the animal may be limited at times due to health or seasonal conditions and staff availability.

Here is a list of the animals available for adoption:

Bronze – Animals to adopt – Lorikeet, Macaw, Southern White-Faced Owl, East African Crown Crane, Demoiselle Crane, Ostrich, Scarlet Ibis, Blackbuck Antelope, African Crested Porcupine, Alpaca
Silver – Animals to adopt – Chilean Flamingo, Laughing Kookaburra, Red Kangaroo, Squirrel Monkey, Red Ruffed Lemur, Black and White Ruffed Lemur, Capybara, Silvery Cheek Hornbill, Toco Toucan, Red-Billed Toucan, Red Panda, Sloth, or choose one from Bronze.
Gold – Animals to adopt – Black-handed Spider Monkey, Warthog, Red River Hog, Southern Ground Hornbill, Grant’s Zebra, Grevy’s Zebra, DeBrazza Money, Capuchin Monkey, African Spur-thighed Tortoise, Nyala Antelope, Marabou Stork, Red-Handed Tamarin or Choose one from Bronze or Silver
Platinum – Animals to adopt – Reticulated Giraffe, Bactrian Camel, Baird’s Tapir, Mountain Bongo, Lar Gibbon, Martial Eagle, Cape Vulture, Aldabra Tortoise, African Serval, Saddle-Billed Stork or Choose one from Bronze, Silver or Platinum.


Use the "Contact Us" form on our website for more information. Adopt an animal application form.

Your Membership (Annual Pass) will specify your support level.


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