Adopt an Animal

Feeding and caring for some of nature’s most precious and endangered species is our passion; it’s what we do. But it is also expensive. Here is your chance to help support the zoo’s collection by adopting your favorite animal. Bright’s Zoo does not receive any local or federal support so your help is very important to us. Our annual feed bill averages approximately $170,000 per year. The winter heating bill runs around $70,000 per year. 

Here is how it works.
·     Choose the animal you want to adopt. This is a one time fee. You will help care for the animal through your financial contribution. (This is not tax-deductible)

·     If you are purchasing for someone else - Click on edit eGift and fill the form out for the receipient.

·     You will receive an email with the following in the next 2 business days.
      1. A picture of the animal you adopted taken by one our keepers
     2. A fact sheet of the animal adopted
     3. A printable certificate of adoption for the animal
     4. A letter from the zoo director

·     If you haven't received you're email within the two business days please check your spam.


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