[Balearica regulorum regulorum]
  Habitat: Wetland-grasslands
  Height: 36-48 in
  Max Lifespan: 40 years
  Incubation Period: 28-31 days
  Number of Young: 2-5
  Conservation Status: Endangered




- Cranes engage in dancing and moves can include head pumping, bowing, jumping, running, stick or grass tossing, and wing flapping.
- Primitive species of crowned cranes date back in the fossil record to the Eocene period.
- Once existing in Europe and North America, it is believed they died out in these areas as the earth cooled, and only survived in warmer Africa.
- Crane chicks can follow the parent bird around learning how to forage for food within a few hours of hatching.
- They stomp their feet while walking across grasslands to flush out insects and other prey.
- Are the only species of crane that can roost in trees due to their prehensile hind toe.

Eastern African Crowned Crane Coloring Sheet

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