[Ara chloropterus x Ara ararauna]
  Habitat: Domesticated
  Height: 34" 
  Weight: 2-3.5 lbs 
  Wingspan: 40-45" 
  Average Lifespan: 60 years
  Incubation Period: 26-28 days
  Number of Young: 2-3
  Conservation Status:Not Evaluated


- Is a hybrid between the Blue-and-Gold Macaw and Green-Winged Macaw
- Rarely found in the wild
- Male parent has the dominant gene that affects appearance of offspring
- Toes are zygodactyl meaning its first and fourth toes point backward
- Has a beak so strong it can easily crush a whole Brazil nut
- Its tongue is dry, slighly scaly, and has a bone inside it

Harlequin Macaw Coloring Sheet

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