[Leptoptilos crumenifer]
  Habitat: Savannahs, plains and marshes
  Size: 60"
  Weight: 20 lbs
  Incubation Period: 30 to 50 days
  Wingspan: 10.5 feet
  Number of Young: 3-5 eggs
  Conservation Status: Least Concern



- Also called 'Undertaker Bird'.
- A veracious appetite means they will eat almost anything from carrion, termites, snakes, adult flamingo and baby crocodiles.
- During the dry season they nest in large trees.
- The Marabou Stork is a scavenger, and the naked head and neck are adaptions to this, as it is with vultures with which the stork often feeds..
- The throat sack is used to make various noises.

Marabou Stork Coloring Sheet

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