[Cygnus atratus]
  Habitat: Wetlands
  Height: 44-55"
  Weight: 8-20 lbs
  Wingspan: Up to 6 1/2'
  Max Lifespan: 40 years
  Incubation Period: 35-40 days
  Number of Young: Lays 4-6 eggs at a time
  Conservation Status: Least Concern


  -  Swan parents take turns on the nest keeping the eggs warm
  -  Parents often carry young cygnets on their backs while swimming
  -  Often nest in loose colonies, unlike most other swans who do not tolerate other pairs anywhere near their nest
  -  Do not dive for food, but use their long necks to reach plants
  -  Has been noted for swimming with only one leg, the other leg being rotated over the body and tucked under its furled wings

Australian Black Neck Swan Coloring Sheet

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