[Pelecanus rufescens]
  Habitat: Freshwater wetlands, lakes, rivers, ponds, swamps, Coast or in Alkaline Lakes
  Weight: 12 lbs 
  Wingspan: 8'
  Max Lifespan: Up to 30 years
  Incubation Period: 30 days 
  Number of Young: 2-3
  Conservation Status: Least Concern




  - Pelicans rub the backs of their heads on their preen glands to pick up its oily secretion which they transfer to their plumage to waterproof it.
  - When they catch fish, they must drain their throat pouch above the surface before they can swallow.
  - They cool themselves by fluttering air over the moist skin on the inside of their throat pouches.
  - They must run over water, beat their big wings, and pound the surface of the water with both feet in unison to get enough speed for takeoff.


Pink-Backed Pelican Coloring Sheet

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