[Tragelaphus strepsiceros]
    Habitat: Woodland
    Height: 3.2 to 5.2 feet at the shoulder
    Weight: 265-787 lbs
    Max Lifespan: 20 years
    Gestation Period: 8 months
    Number of Young: 1
    Horns: Male
    Conservation Status: Least Concern



- During the day they typically cease to be active.   
- Predators tend to be Lions, leopards and cheetahs.
- Females form herds of 6-20 while males tend to be more solitary.
- A herd can encompass 800 to 1,500 acres and spend an average of 54% of the day foraging for food.
- The horns of greater kudus are commonly used to make Shofars, a Jewish ritual horn blown at Rosh Hashanah.
- Kudu dung spitting is a sport in some parts of Africa.  In the competition small, hard pellets of dung from the kudu are spat, with the farthest distance reached being the winner.

 Greater Kudu Coloring Sheet

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