[Bison bison]
  Habitat: Great Plains
  Length: 6.8' to 10'
  Height: 5' to 6.5'
  Weight: 770 -  2204 lbs
  Average Lifespan:
20 years
  Gestation Period:
270 to 285 days
  Number of Young:
  Conservation Status: Near Threatened

  Bison Range Map

- Also known as the American buffalo
- Mature males usually move about alone, or in small bachelor groups
- Adult females live with their young in a hierarchical herd, led by a dominant female
- Males fight fiercely for the right to mate, which usually involves head-to-head ramming
- Able to run at speeds up to 37 miles per hour
- Eyesight is poor, but sense of smell and hearing are acute
- Once had the widest natural range of any North American herbivore, extending from Mexico to Alaska

American Bison Coloring Sheet

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