[Bubalus bubalis]
  Habitat: Riverine forests, woodlands, grasslands, marshes and swamps
  Length: 8-9‘
  Height: 5-6’
  Weight: 1,500-2,650 lbs
  Average Lifespan: 25 years (captivity)
  Gestation Period: 280-334 days
  Number of Young: 1
  Conservation Status: Domesticated

- Live in clans of females and their young, led by a dominant male
- There are 74 breeds of domestic water buffalo
- More sensitive to heat than most bovids because they have fewer sweat glands, they are known for wallowing in mud which helps to cool the animal
- Water buffalo are herbivorous and have a purely vegetarian diet
- They chew their food partially just enough to swallow through a process called cud-chewing, which once swallowed softens and breaks down the plant
- Provide more than 5% of the world’s milk supply



Water Buffalo Coloring Sheet

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