[Leptailurus serval]
  Habitat: Savanna and mountainous areas
  Height: 21"
  Weight: Males: 25-55 lbs, Females: 20-40 lbs
  Max Lifespan: 20 years
  Gestation Period: 66-77 days
  Number of Young: 2-3 kittens
  Conservation Status: Least Concern



  -  Has the longest legs of all cats, relative to body size.
  -  Long legs and neck allow the Serval to see over tall grasses.
  -  Its ears are used to detect prey, even those burrowing underground.
  -  While hunting, the Serval will pause for up to 15 minutes at a time to listen with eyes closed.
  -  Is a highly efficient hunter, catching prey on as many as 50% of attempts (compared to 10% for most other cats).
  -  Can climb and swim, but seldom does.
  -  The Serval has been bred with the domestic cat to create a hybrid breed of domestic cat called the Savannah.

African Serval Coloring Sheet

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