[Colobus Guereza]
 Habitat: Coastal, inland and montane forests
 Tail: 20-39"
 Weight: 11-30 lbs
 Average Lifespan: 24 years (captivity)
 Gestation Period: 175 days
 Number of Young:
 Conservation Status: Least Concern

 Range Map

    Colobus guereza range








- The name "colobus" means "mutilated one" in Greek, because unlike other monkeys, they do not have thumbs
- Infants are cared for by all females in the group - known as allomothering
- Able to digest mature or toxic leaves that other monkeys cannot
- The long white fringes of hair that run along each side of its black trunk are known as a mantle
- Can leap more than 20 feet in the air from tree to tree
- Typically found in troops of three to fifteen - usually with only one male

Black and White Colobus Coloring Sheet

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