[Coendou prehensilis]
  Conservation Status: Least Concern
  Habitat: Forest and rainforest
  Size: 12-31”; Tail: 13-19”
  Weight: 4-11 lbs
  Average Lifespan: 17 years
  Gestation Period: 195-210 days
  Number of Young: 1

  prehensile tailed porcupine map

  -  Also known as Brazilian porcupine
  -  Use their prehensile tail for grasping and hanging
  -  Tail does not have spines
  -  Foot has long-clawed digits that are ideal for moving and foraging in trees
  -  Spend over 85% of their time in trees where they sleep, forage, and interact with other porcupines

Prehensile - Tailed Porcupines Coloring Sheet

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