[Myrmecophaga tridactyla}
  Habitat:  Tropical forests, savannas, grasslands
  Length: 3-4'
  Weight: 40-85 lbs
  Average Lifespan: 26 years (captive)
  Gestation Period: 6 months
  Number of Young: 1
  Conservation Status: Vulnerable


- Largest living anteater
- The long nose is a bone tube formed by the fusion of the upper and lower jaw
- Their long, sticky tongue can measure up to 20 inches
- Long hair and rubbery skin protect them from ant and termite bites
- Almost blind, but have a very keen sense of smell
- Rips open anthills and termite mounds with their powerful claws
- Drinks in their prey by creating a vacuum in their throat, sucking the insects in, aided by their long sticky tongues
- Carry their young on their back, aligned with the white stripe for camouflage

Giant Anteater Coloring Sheet

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