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220px Binturong area


Arctictis Binturong
Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Habitat: Dense, Moist Tropical Forest
Length: 24 - 38”
Weight: 30-50 lbs
Average Lifespan: 10 - 25 years
Gestation Period: 92 days
Number of Young: 2

-They smell like popcorn
-Their tail is very thick and muscular at the base, with the last third of it prehensile to be used like an extra hand when climbing around in the treetops
-Binturongs can swim fairly well and have good vision day or night, so they can be active at any hour they choose
-Binturongs spend most of their time in the trees, but they usually have to climb
down to get from tree to tree
-Binturongs are also called bearcats, but that name is rather misleading since these animals are not related to bears OR cats
-Despite belonging to the carnivorous mammal group, the Binturong is mainly frugivorous meaning that it survives primarily on a diet that is comprised of fruit

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