[Geochelone sulcata]
  Habitat: Dry regions, woodlands and semi-desert grasslands
  Length: Male (35") Female (26")
  Weight: 220 lbs  
  Max Lifespan: 100 years
  Incubation Period: 212 days in the wild
  Conservation Status: Vulnerable


  -  Also known as the African Sulcata Tortoise
  -  Largest mainland tortoise
  -  Name comes from distinctive spurs on the rear legs
  -  Five toes on front feet and 4 toes on hind feet
  -  Dig permanent sleeping burrows
  -  Females dig a pit to lay eggs and then cover them with dirt
  -  Hatchlings take 3-10 days to escape to the surface

African Spurred Tortoise Coloring Sheet

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