[Iguana iguana]

  Habitat: Tropical, terrestrial forests and rainforests near water
  Average Length: 5.7 ft
  Average Weight: 15.4 lbs
  Maximum Lifespan: 20 years
  Incubation Period: 90-120 days
  Number of Young: 10-30 eggs

  green iguana map

- Also known as American iguana
- Color of an individual may vary based upon its mood, temperature, health, or social status
- Can live high in the tree canopy
- Can fall up to 50 feet and land unhurt by using their hind leg claws to clasp leaves and branches
- Can escape predators by diving into water and propelling themselves with powerful tail strokes
- When grabbed by the tail, it can allow most of the tail to drop off to escape
- Can eventually regenerate a new tail within a year after losing one
- Has a “third eye” on top of the head used to sense changes in and light and dark and detect movement

Green Iguana Coloring Sheet

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