School Field Trips

Please make reservations at least seven days prior to your expected visitation date.

NOTE: Guided education tours are no longer available after May 1st, 2015.

Reminder: Brights Zoo does not allow drinking straws on Zoo grounds. Teachers, please let parents know that Capri Suns or juice boxes with straws are not allowed. The wrappers and straws are a major choking hazard to the animals.

Education Group Field Trips
Your group can experience the wonders of animal species from around the globe at Brights Zoo. Think of our park as a living, changing, growing part of the World community. There's always something new to discover and learn about, whether it flies, swims, or walks!

Signs with information about the animals on exhibit are strategically placed around the zoo, so groups can move about at their own pace. School groups are welcome to split into smaller groups as long as each group of students (age 12 and under) are accompanied by a teacher.

Click here to read a big thank you note from Mrs Wilson's kindergarten class.

Click here to read some of the letters the Sullins Academy students sent us about their experiences at the zoo.

Click here to read a thank you note from Persimmon Ridge Head Start.

"Thank you so much for such an amazing experience last Tuesday! Our students, parents, and teachers were all so excited and raved about it being the best field trip ever. Many students have said they look forward to bringing their families back this summer! I just wanted you all to know that we truly appreciated the opportunity to come visit – for some of our students, seeing giraffes and zebras was something they may have only experienced in a book. You brought that to life for them. Thank you."

Melissa Rivers
Lincoln Elementary
2nd Grade

How to Register Your Education Group

Choose date for visit (See available dates)

To register your group for a visit, click on one of the links below:

For groups ordering box lunches, download the convenient Box Lunch Form.

Send in (by mail) the Education Group Registration Form, and Box Lunch Form if you are ordering box lunches.

MAIL: Brights Zoo
Attn: Education Group Registration
3425 HWY 11E
Limestone, TN 37681

Please review and adhere to our rules and policies. Be sure to read the "Group Visit Rain Policy" for important information when inclement weather is expected on the day of your scheduled visit.

Also, please note that education groups that reserve a date for field trips, but are unable to attend, must cancel at least 24 hours in advance, or be invoiced for 25% of the estimated amount. This policy does not apply to weather cancellations or postponements, provided the Zoo is notified before the group is scheduled to arrive.

Why enforce this policy? Brights Zoo must allocate additional staff for parking, concessions, and animal feedings - when an education group is a no show, these employees must be paid anyway. The Zoo also caps the number of students that may visit each day. Schools inquiring about a particular day for a visit are often not allowed, because of the number of students already scheduled to visit; a school that does not show up on one of these days has also prevented other schools from reserving the same date.

If you are unable to open the registration form, you may need to download Adobe Reader.

Download a form letter to parents here (pdf format), or if you want to make changes to the letter, then download here (MS Word format).

Wild Fun!
Budgie Landing - (April 2022)

Gemstone and Fossil Mining
New for the 2018 Season, we have installed a mining sluice for our guests to enjoy and discover the wonders of geology.

Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions while you explore the zoo.

When registering, let us know if you have any special needs. If you have older guests joining your group or if you have a guest that cannot walk through the zoo, then we can provide transportation around the zoo for those guests.

Prices CANNOT be combined with other discount offers.

Student: $8.00

1 Teacher per class:

(must show photo school ID badge for discount; no visitor passes)


2nd Teacher per Class

(must show photo school ID badge for discount; no visitor passes)

3rd or more Teacher per class
(must show photo school ID badge for discount; no visitor passes)
Bus Driver (for every 40 students): FREE
Zoo Members: FREE
Children (Under 2): FREE
*Siblings (2-13): $13.95 + sales tax
*Adults (18-54): $17.95 + sales tax
*Seniors (55+): $15.95 + sales tax
Parking: FREE
  *Please purchase education group rate tickets at Gift Shop window upon arrival.
Note: Teacher discount applies to teachers of the visiting class only – Room Moms, chaperones, parent teachers, and school faculty that are not teachers of the visiting class must purchase chaperone ticket at $15.95.

Education Group Prices
To qualify for the education group discount, 15 or more student admissions must be purchased as part of a single lump-sum payment. To be eligible for this rate, public and private schools must present confirmation of education status on institutional letterhead. Payment is due on the day of arrival to the Zoo. No purchase orders.

Additional adults, siblings, grandparents, etc. may accompany the group and receive the group rate as indicated above per person. These education group rate tickets can be purchased at the Gift Shop window upon arrival.

Please dress appropriately for the weather. In April and May, mornings are typically cool. In the event of rain, we will continue the tour or try and wait out the weather. Once a tour has started, Brights Zoo does not offer rain checks or refunds.

Scavenger Hunt
Brights Zoo now has a scavenger hunt! You can print directly from our website or request one from our gift shop. Teachers that want their kids to participate will need their students to bring a clipboard and a pencil. The answer guide can be picked up in our gift shop during your visit.
Click Here to download the Scavenger Hunt Questions.

Note: Please do not use Google Maps as your GPS service for directions to Brights Zoo. Google Maps has our location wrong. We recommend using WAZE - click Android,  iPhone, or Windows for the app. 

Field Trip FAQ

What is the minimum numbers of students required for a field trip?

In order to get the education rate, the group must consist of 15 or more students.

Is there enough seating for school groups to have lunch at the zoo?

We have plenty of seating available to accommodate school groups.

How long does the average field trip last?

The length of the visit varies by group, but on average education groups stay about 3 hours.

What information is available at the animal exhibits?

Each exhibit has a sign for each animal in the enclosure containing the animal name, range map, physical characteristics (size, weight, average life span,etc.) along with some interesting facts about the animal.

How can we make our field trip more educational?

We have witnessed some great ideas over the years. Several schools visit before visiting and the teacher assigns each student an animal to report on. As the group arrives at the exhibit for each animal, the student who was assigned the animal can present the facts they learned to other members of the group. Some classes (6th grade and higher) make video presentations in front of their assigned animal's exhibit. We feel that students that perform research before visiting the zoo get a lot more out of the experience.

Is there a gift shop at the zoo?

Yes, we have a gift shop. On the registration form, you can indicate if students are allowed to shop. The gift shop has many items that are priced with students in mind. A souvenir can make the field trip more memorable.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

We no longer allow outside food or drink inside the zoo.

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