Brights zoo is closed for the season and we will reopen in early March 2021. Thank you for a wonderful season and have a happy holidays!

Brights Zoo has some of the most creative keepers! We would like to share their educational videos.

Most recent.

Colobus Monkey 200
Dwarf Caiman
May 15th, 2020
Past videos 

            American Bison
           March 28th, 2020
sloth 200pix
   Southern Ground Hornbill
        March 30th, 2020
bactrian camel
            Bactrian Camel
           March 31st, 2020
eurasian lynx
             Eurasian Lynx
             April 1st, 2020
baird's tapir
               Baird's Tapir
             April 2nd, 2020
             April 3rd, 2020
black handed spider monkey
  Black-Handed Spider Monkey
             April 4th, 2020
Giant Anteater
             Giant Anteater
             April 5th, 2020
              African Serval
              April 6th, 2020
sloth 200pix
               Water Buffalo
              April 8th, 2020
prehensile tailed porcupine
   Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine
              April 9th, 2020
marabou stork
            Marabou Stork            
           April 10th, 2020
eastern bongo
              Eastern Bongo
              April 11th, 2020
IMG 0380
       Six - Banded Armadillo
            April 12th, 2020
marabou stork
             Marabou Stork            
            April 10th, 2020
eastern bongo
               Eastern Bongo
              April 11th, 2020
IMG 02542
    Golden - Handed Tamarin
            April 12th, 2020
chilean flamingo
           Chilean Flamingo
            April 14th, 2020
            Patagonian Mara
            April 15th, 2020
            April 16th, 2020
common eland
             Common Eland
             April 17th, 2020
              April 18th, 2020
blue and gold macaw
             April 20th, 2020
african crested porcupine 
      African Crested Porcupine
             April 21st, 2020
grants zebra
              Grant's Zebra
             April 22nd, 2020
King Vulture
                 King Vulture
              April 23rd, 2020 
cape vulture
               Cape Vulture
             April 24th, 2020
common squirrel monkey
     Common Squirrel Monkey
             April 25th, 2020
             Lowland Paca
            April 26th, 2020 
toulouse goose
             Toulouse Goose
             April 27th, 2020
red river hog
             Red River Hog
            April 28th, 2020
Colobus Monkey 200
    Black and White Colobus
              May 5th, 2020
Colobus Monkey 200
      Grey Winged Trumpeter
              May 6th, 2020
emu small
              May 7th, 2020 
Colobus Monkey 200
           Ring-Tailed Lemur
             May 8th, 2020
Colobus Monkey 200
            May 13th, 2020



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