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The Adventures of Baby Yoda

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We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families! Paul is starting his HERE I AM GAME FOR THE HOlIDAYS! He contacted The Mandalorian and they sent Baby Yoda to have a quick tour of the zoo with Paul so he could set the game all up. Beginning today a clue will be posted each day as to which species Baby Yoda visited. The FIRST person to post the correct species in the comments each day will then get their name entered into a drawing. On the last day of our 2020 season (Saturday, December 5th) we will draw from all the names and the winner will receive a Baby Yoda prize pack that can be picked up on a scheduled date with the zoo gift shop... Have fun playing

Hint 1. DAY #1 Baby Yoda had so much fun visiting a species who has a long long tongue (18-22 inches long)....Baby Yoda felt so happy that her little tiny heart almost exploded with joy but the gorgeous tall mammals she viewed have hearts that can weigh 20lbs. What species did baby Yoda see first on its visit?

Hint 2. Day #2 Baby Yoda enjoyed his talk with friends that have big hearts he strolled on over to a different side of the park. He saw two creatures that had black hair from their neck to the top of their tails. He was so intrigued to watch their ears get pricked up when hearing an unfamiliar sound. He found them to have very well developed senses. Who do you think he visited?

Hint 3. Day #3 Baby Yoda visited a species with a really big heart and left a species that was so cunning with their super senses. When leaving the last location to visit more, Baby Yoda was so intrigued to see animals with red hair on their hands and feet. These diurnal creatures were constantly active during Baby Yoda’s visit. Where do you think Baby Yoda went?

Hint 4. Day # 4 Baby Yoda’s visit has introduced us to a species with a big heart, a species that was cunning, and a species with red haired hands. With this really quick visit, Baby Yoda had to make the best of time so the next stop was a species with long gray legs. Both males and females build their nests together out of the mud. Both mom and dad feed their young a special milk called crop milk. Baby Yoda’s next visit was with which species in the zoo?

Hint 5. Day# 5 Baby Yoda has had so much fun during the visit. Big hearts, black markings, red hands, and grey legs are just a few of the animal characteristics that were viewed. The best of all was the animal that loves to climb, doesn’t exist well alone so a herd was what was seen. The burping that took place due to the herd's rumen intrigued Baby Yoda immensely... Exactly where was Baby Yoda visiting in the zoo?

Hint 6. Day # 6 Baby Yoda couldn’t miss a visit to this area in the zoo where the largest of its species lives. This mammal can weigh up to 140 pounds. Baby Yoda was amazed that this species can flick its tongue 150 times a minute. Where oh where could that Baby Yoda have been in the zoo?

Hint 7. Day#7 Baby Yoda could not believe the next species that this adventure came upon. This species has a fluffy wrap around tail that can be used as a blanket also to balance. A herbivore species that has a black belly and limbs. This species is also endangered and needs everyone’s help to protect them .... Who wants to guess where Baby Yoda went in the zoo?

Hint 8. Day #8 Baby Yoda just couldn’t believe the species he saw, in their native country, can be called “blue fliers”. This species can weigh up to 200 pounds and live for 23years. They can travel 40 miles an hour. Just where do you think Baby Yoda is in the Zoo?

Hint 9. Day #9 Baby Yoda was leaving but saw in amazement a creature that can live for 50 years. They are the largest in their species. They unfortunately are endangered due primarily to habitat destruction. Where was Baby Yoda in the zoo?

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Danielle Brook Scott
Day 1
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Megan Anderson
Day 2
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Emily Williams
Day 3
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Niya Leu
Day 4
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Lauren Snapp
Day 5
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Jennifer Honeycutt
Day 6
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Acacia Tor
Day 7
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Stephanie Matthews
Day 8
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Diane Marie
Day 9

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The Prize Pack! 

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