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New Animal!
We are happy to announce we have added a Patagonian Mara to our South American exhibit! Information has been added to our mammals page today.


Boo at the zoo schedule is now live!
Boo at the Zoo
   October 26th 10 - 6pm
10:00am Open Doors
10:15am Cake Walk
10:30am Giraffe Feeding
10:45am Keeper Chat South America Building
11:00am Drawing - Photo Op with Jeffery the Giraffe
11:15am Lorikeet Feeding
11:15am Cake Walk
11:30am Zoofari
11:45am Red Panda, Otters, and Horbill Enrichment
12:00pm Giraffe Feeding
12:00pm Drawing
12:15pm Cake Walk
12:15pm Capybara Enrichment
12:30pm First Pinata
12:45pm Spider Monkey Enrichment at Capuchin Barn
12:45pm Lorikeet Feeding
1:00pm Zoofari Ride
1:00pm Drawing
1:15pm Cake Walk
1:15pm Photo Op with Tommy the Turtle
1:30pm Keeper Chat in Breezeway with Capybara
1:45pm South America Enrichment 3 Species
2:00pm Giraffe Feeding
2:00pm Drawing
2:15pmCake Walk
2:15pm Porcupine Enrichment
2:30pm 2nd Pinata
2:45pm Lorikeet Feeding
3:00pm Zoofari
3:00pm Drawing
3:00pm Photo Op with Polly the Parrot
3:15pm Cake Walk
3:30pm Tapir & Top Monkey Barn Enrichment
3:45pm Keeper Chat in Breezeway with fox
4:00pm Giraffe Feeding
4:15pm Cake Walk
4:30pm Ticket Sales Close
4:30pm 3rd Pinata
4:45pm Lorikeet Feeding
4:45pm Photo Op with Marlin the Monkey
5:00pm Zoofari
5:15pm Cake Walk
5:30pm Snake Keeper Chat in Breezeway
5:45pm 15 minute closing call
6:00pm Last Drawing
6:00pm Zoo Closes

*Vote for Keepers Jack-o-lantern

*Costume Contest

*Face Painting


Brights Zoo has updated our new map! we have also updated our new schedule of events for the summer and fall schedule. 


Oue conservation monthly update is here! We are also happen to announce we will be getting new maps very soon. We will also be announcing our summer daily schedule within the next week.

A Reminder to Members

As we enter the new season, members should be mindful of the following:

► Zoo Member card holders must present member pass at the time of entry or admission fees will be required

► Member passes are valid for the person pictured on the card only

► Show Membership card before any purchases to receive member discount

► Zoo Member card is not valid for entry to special events requiring an event ticket like Boo at the Zoo

► Zoo membership is non-transferable, non-refundable, and revocable

► Replacement / Lost Card fee: $5


We can't wait to see you at the Zoo!

Who's New at the Zoo

We have just opened our newest exhibit, the King Vulture.

king vulture




Note: Please do not use Google Maps as your GPS service for directions to Brights Zoo. Google Maps has our location wrong. We recommend using WAZE - click Android,  iPhone, or Windows for the app. 

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