Covid-19 Update
July 14th
COVID19 Update:

Washington County TN is now under a mask mandate. For the Zoo a mask will not be required while outdoors but will be required while inside.
What these means for guests - When you enter the zoo, we will continue to offer outside check in. While you are outside and social distancing a mask will not be required. Anyone 12 and older will be required to wear a mask if going inside any building. Buildings include, Public restrooms, South America Building and the gift shop. As you check into the zoo we ask that you show a mask for anyone over 12 years old. While outside in the zoo all guests are required to social distance. Families of course can remain together, as you approach other guests in the zoo we ask that you stay 6 feet or further from the other guests in the zoo.
Hand sanitizer at the Zoo - We have hand sanitizer station at Check in, giraffe deck, lorikeet feeding, South America Building and the gift shop.
The zoo is open Monday - Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. It is suggested that last entry to the zoo is at 3:30PM and we do not allow guests to enter after 4pm. Sunday we open at 12:00pm and close at 5:00pm.
As of right now reservations are not required for individuals or families to enter the zoo. We are not accepting reservations for groups over 15 at this time. Birthday parties are limited to 15 total people or less.

May 14th

Brights zoo reopen plan for COVID19
Brights Zoo will reopen Saturday May 16th.
In order to protect our guests, staff and animals Brights Zoo will operate on the following plan:
Zoo Capacity:
As the zoo covers 60 acres for public to enjoy we will limit our guest count to no more than 300 people in the zoo at one time. This will remain in place until the pandemic has slowed.
Gift Shop:
We will limit the number of people in the gift shop to no more than 5 people. Families checking in please just send one person in to purchase tickets and we will let the family enter through the breezeway. We will disinfect credit card machine and counter after each use. Staff will wear a mask and gloves. Plexiglass has been installed at both main registers.
Giraffe Feeding:
We will limit the giraffe deck to 5 people at a time. Those in line waiting to get on the deck will be spaced at 6 feet apart. Hand sanitizer will be provided before and after feeding giraffe. Staff will wear a mask and gloves. Feeding cards will be disinfected between uses.
Gem Mining:
The gem mine will be manned for anyone wishing to do gem mining. Guests will be spaced out 6’ apart to maintain social distance. Staff will wear a mask and gloves.
Lorikeet feedings will be closed until the COVID19 pandemic has slowed down.
South America Building:
No more than 10 guests allowed in building at one time. No South America keeper chats will take place until after the COVID19 pandemic has slowed down.
Credit card machine disinfected between uses. Staff will wear a mask and gloves.
Keeper chats:
The 1:30 keeper chat will still take place by gift shop. Staff will wear a mask and gloves. We will not allow touching of animals during keeper chats at this time.
Vending machines:
Vending machines will be disinfected on top of each hour.
Bathrooms will be disinfected on top of each hour.
All guests will be asked to social distance on all paths. Guests are encouraged and welcome to wear a mask while in the zoo. Guests temperature will be taken with a no touch thermometer prior to entry. (Guests with a fever will not be permitted entry) Groups of 10 or more will not be permitted entry.
Birthday Parties:
At least until the middle of June we will not book any birthday parties as to maintain social distance.
Zoo Staff:
All zoo staff will be monitoring guest traffic and group sizes. Staff are trained to let guests know if social distancing is not taking place. Any guest interaction between staff and public, staff will wear a mask. All zoo staff working around public will have their temperature taken before their shift. Anyone with a fever will not be permitted to work.

April 27th

COVID19 update - April 30
As many of you are aware Brights Zoo was set to open on May 1. Shortly after announcing this Governor Lee came out with a new executive order pushing many places back to May 29th.
We have reached out to the governors office multiple times with little success. However we have spoken to a member of the task force that decides when theme parks, entertainment and zoos will be able to reopen. We have been told that zoos and theme parks need to wait until May 29th in order to open and have been given extra steps.
We know many people were looking forward to getting to come out to the zoo and at this time we just ask you to be patient while we wait this out.
As information becomes available to us we will share it here. As of today our plan is to open May 29th unless Governor Lee changes direction again. We do want to thank Mayor Grandy for having faith in us to open earlier.
Thank You,
David Bright - Zoo Director

April 3rd

Brights Zoo COVID19 update.
Brights Zoo will remain closed until Tennessee releases stay at home mandates.
Our prayers and thoughts are will everyone from around the globe as this virus effects our daily lifes and businesses. As of right now it appears the mandate is in place until April 14th, 2020.
Like many businesses across the globe this has had a huge impact on zoos around the globe. Once mandates are lifted and each of you feel safe to be out in public we encourage you to visit your local zoo and small business in your area.
Our staff here at Brights Zoo must continue to work in order to care for all the animals here at the zoo. Our staff will continue to work on getting videos put together for us to post in order to share the animals and education that we have to offer. As we post these videos please feel to ask questions about these animals and we will do everything we can to make sure and answer those questions.
Everyone, Please be safe, wash your hands frequently, only go out if you absolutely must be out and lets hope we can get past this curve as soon as possible.

Original Post

With the current COVID-19 epidemic we will be making changes as needed for the safety of our guests, families, employees, and animals.

Families/groups of 5 or more - please just have one person enter the gift shop for the check-in process. We will then let you in through the breezeway. This will help prevent having too many people in the gift shop at one time
The South America building will be limited to no more than 10 people at any one time. No exceptions will be made. We will do our best to keep the building open for all guests.

Lorikeet landing will be closed until April 1st ( if this needs to be extended we will let you know here )

Giraffe feeding - all guests will be asked to use hand sanitizer before and after feeding the giraffe.

Restrooms - we are sanitizing restrooms every hour. We ask that any guest using the restrooms to please wash your hands.

Concessions - at this time we prefer anyone ordering food, drinks, snacks and or ice cream from concessions to please pay with your credit or debit card so that concessions staff is not handling cash at this time.

Animal Encounters - our daily animal encounters will continue but no touching will be allowed until the threat is past us.

Outside Food - now, more than ever it’s very important that everyone follows our no outside food allowed policy. We do have a picnic area on the parking lot side your welcome to use.

We will do our best to remain open as long as we possibly can.
As always we love to see you at the zoo.


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