About Brights Zoo

  • Mission +

    We are sincerely dedicated to the long-term conservation of nature's animals through propagation and public education. Our long-term efforts to expand the population of rare and endangered species have resulted in successful breeding of several different species of protected animals. Read More
  • Education Mission +

    Every day we strive to inspire people to value wildlife and nature and to help protect animals and their natural environments through conservation. To accomplish these goals we pledge to: produce educational and enjoyable programs, promote awareness and conservation of animals and their natural environments, and provide resources for the development of staff and volunteers to increase knowledge and potential. Read More
  • Education Vision +

    Brights Zoo is dedicated to increasing interest and appreciation toward animals and their natural environments through entertaining, informative experiences that also emphasize the importance of conserving nature. Read More
  • Conservation is our Passion +

    Brights Zoo is a privately owned zoo.  Therefore, the zoo does not receive any federal, state, or local funding. All admission proceeds go directly towards animal care and upkeep of the zoo. This includes animal housing, appropriate diet, veterinary care, new exhibit design and construction, and facility maintenance. Read More
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Limestone Weather


Please note that the Zoo and/or its attractions may close due to inclement weather, temperatures below 50° F, or other circumstances without prior notice. Check www.facebook.com/BrightsZoo for early closing announcements.